Shows Like Monster High: Spooky Fun for Tweens

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Shows Like Monster High: Spooky Fun for Tweens

Shows like Monster High offer tweens a spooktacular world of animated fun, blending supernatural themes with relatable coming-of-age stories. If your little ghouls and monsters can't get enough of the creepy-cool vibes, fashion-forward characters, and magical adventures, you're in luck! We've rounded up a fangtastic collection of series that capture the same spirit of friendship, self-expression, and otherworldly hijinks. Get ready to discover new favorite shows that'll have your tween howling with delight and feeling right at home among the monstrous misfits.

Key Takeaways:
  • Explore a variety of animated series featuring supernatural characters and high school settings.
  • Find shows that emphasize themes of friendship, acceptance, and embracing one's unique qualities.
  • Discover series with eye-catching character designs and fashion-forward elements.
  • Learn about shows that blend humor, adventure, and age-appropriate spooky content.
  • Uncover new favorite characters and worlds that will captivate Monster High fans.

Top Shows Like Monster High for Spooky Tween Vibes

If your tween can't get enough of Monster High's ghoulish charm, you're in luck! There's a whole world of shows similar to Monster High waiting to be discovered. These series capture the same spirit of spooky fun, friendship, and self-expression that made Monster High a hit. From haunted high schools to magical adventures, we've rounded up the best tv shows like Monster High that will keep your tween entertained and enchanted.

One standout series is "Ever After High," which shares the same creator as Monster High. This show follows the children of famous fairy tale characters as they navigate high school life and decide whether to follow their parents' footsteps or write their own stories. With its blend of fantasy, humor, and coming-of-age themes, it's a perfect next step for Monster High fans.

Another gem in the supernatural teen genre is "The Hollow." This mystery-adventure series follows three teens who wake up in a strange, monster-filled world with no memories. As they unravel the mystery of their surroundings, they encounter creatures and challenges that will thrill Monster High enthusiasts. The show's unique animation style and engaging plot make it a must-watch shows like Monster High.

For those who love the monster-themed humor of Monster High, "Hotel Transylvania: The Series" is a fantastic option. Based on the popular movie franchise, this animated show follows Dracula's teenage daughter Mavis and her friends as they run a monster resort. With its quirky characters and lighthearted approach to the monster world, it's sure to delight fans of spooky-cute content.

Lastly, don't overlook "Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia." Created by Guillermo del Toro, this visually stunning series combines fantasy, action, and humor as it follows a teenager who becomes a defender of good trolls against evil ones. While not strictly monster-themed, its blend of ordinary teen life with extraordinary adventures resonates strongly with the Monster High vibe.

Ghoulish Characters in Shows Similar to Monster High

One of the key attractions of Monster High is its diverse cast of lovable monster characters. Fortunately, many shows similar to Monster High feature equally captivating ghoulish ensembles. "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated" offers a fresh take on the classic characters, with a serialized story arc and genuine spooky moments that will appeal to Monster High fans.

For a more magical twist, "The Owl House" introduces viewers to a realm of witches, demons, and otherworldly creatures. The show's protagonist, Luz, is a human girl who stumbles into this world and decides to become a witch's apprentice. The series' blend of humor, heart, and creative character designs makes it a perfect fit for those who enjoy Monster High's unique aesthetic.

"Vampirina" is another excellent choice for younger viewers who are just getting into monster-themed content. This Disney Junior series follows a young vampire girl adjusting to life in the human world. With its catchy music and positive messages about friendship and acceptance, it's a great introduction to the genre for budding Monster High fans.

For those seeking a more action-packed experience, "The Last Kids on Earth" offers a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and monsters. The main characters are human kids who team up with friendly monsters to survive and save the world. Its blend of humor, adventure, and diverse monster designs will surely appeal to Monster High enthusiasts.

Lastly, "Gravity Falls" deserves a mention for its clever writing and intriguing supernatural elements. While not exclusively focused on monsters, the show's eclectic cast of weird and wonderful characters, along with its mystery-solving plot, will resonate with fans of Monster High's quirkier aspects.

Animated Series Rivaling Monster High's Creepy Cool

When it comes to tv shows like Monster High, few can match its unique blend of creepy and cool. However, some animated series come close, offering their own take on this appealing aesthetic. "Welcome to the Wayne" is one such show, set in a mysterious apartment building full of bizarre creatures and supernatural events. Its urban setting and diverse cast of characters provide a fresh spin on the monster genre.

"Star vs. the Forces of Evil" is another series that captures the vibrant energy and magical elements that Monster High fans love. Following the adventures of a magical princess from another dimension, the show features a plethora of weird and wonderful creatures, dimension-hopping escapades, and a healthy dose of teen drama.

For those who appreciate Monster High's blend of horror and humor, "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" is a classic choice. This irreverent series follows two kids who befriend the Grim Reaper, leading to all sorts of supernatural shenanigans. Its dark humor and creative monster designs make it a spiritual predecessor to Monster High's style.

"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" might not be monster-themed, but its mix of superhero action, teen romance, and magical transformations shares many elements with Monster High. The show's focus on secret identities and balancing extraordinary abilities with everyday teen life will resonate with Monster High fans.

Lastly, "The Hollow" deserves another mention for its unique animation style and mysterious plot. Its blend of sci-fi and fantasy elements, coupled with teen protagonists navigating a strange world, provides a more mature take on themes similar to those explored in Monster High.

  • Look for shows with diverse casts of characters and unique designs
  • Seek out series that blend humor with supernatural or magical elements
  • Don't overlook shows that explore themes of identity and friendship
  • Consider series with creative world-building and imaginative settings
  • Try shows that mix everyday teen experiences with extraordinary adventures

Fashion and Friendship in Shows Like Monster High

Zdjęcie Shows Like Monster High: Spooky Fun for Tweens

One of Monster High's most appealing aspects is its focus on fashion and friendship. Many shows similar to Monster High also emphasize these themes, making them perfect for fashion-forward tweens. "LoliRock" is a magical girl series that combines music, fashion, and friendship in a way that will delight Monster High fans. The show's protagonists are part of a girl group who also happen to be magical princesses, fighting evil while looking fabulous.

"Winx Club" is another series that shares Monster High's emphasis on friendship and style. Following a group of fairy friends at a magical boarding school, the show features stunning character designs, magical transformations, and plenty of fashion moments. Its blend of action, romance, and girl power makes it a natural fit for Monster High enthusiasts.

For a more grounded take on fashion and friendship, "Bratz" offers a world of style-savvy teens navigating high school life. While not supernatural, the show's focus on self-expression through fashion and the power of friendship aligns closely with Monster High's themes. Plus, its diverse cast and emphasis on embracing one's unique qualities will resonate with fans of Monster High's inclusive message.

"DC Super Hero Girls" provides a superhero twist on the fashion and friendship formula. This series reimagines DC's iconic female heroes and villains as high school students, balancing their superhero duties with typical teen concerns like fashion and friendships. Its blend of action, humor, and character-driven stories makes it a great choice for Monster High fans looking for something a little different.

Lastly, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" might seem like an unlikely recommendation, but its focus on friendship, individuality, and magical adventures shares much in common with Monster High. The show's colorful design, diverse cast of characters, and positive messages about self-expression and teamwork make it a surprisingly good fit for Monster High fans of all ages.

Magical Adventures in Monster High-Inspired Shows

For those who love the magical elements of Monster High, there are plenty of shows similar to Monster High that offer enchanting adventures. "W.I.T.C.H." is a fantastic option, following five ordinary girls who discover they have magical powers and must protect the balance between worlds. Its blend of everyday teen life with extraordinary responsibilities echoes Monster High's approach to storytelling.

"Star vs. the Forces of Evil" deserves another mention here for its wild, dimension-hopping adventures. The show's creative world-building and magical escapades provide a perfect fix for those seeking Monster High-style adventures with a cosmic twist. From battling monsters to navigating interdimensional politics, Star's journey is full of surprises that will keep viewers hooked.

"The Owl House" also shines in this category, offering a unique take on magical adventures. As human Luz learns to be a witch in the demon realm, she encounters all sorts of magical creatures and challenges. The show's creative magic system and lovable characters make it a standout choice for fans of Monster High's more fantastical elements.

For those who enjoy Monster High's blend of magic and mystery, "Infinity Train" offers a compelling alternative. Each season follows different characters as they navigate a mysterious, endless train where each car is its own bizarre world. The show's anthology format and mind-bending concepts provide a more mature take on magical adventures that will appeal to older Monster High fans.

"Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia" rounds out this category with its epic magical quest storyline. As ordinary teen Jim Lake Jr. becomes the first human Trollhunter, he must protect both the human and troll worlds from dark forces. The show's rich mythology and character growth offer a deeper dive into magical storytelling that Monster High fans will appreciate.

  • Explore shows that blend everyday life with magical elements
  • Look for series with creative world-building and unique magical systems
  • Try shows that feature characters discovering and learning to use their powers
  • Consider anthology series for a variety of magical adventures
  • Don't overlook shows that offer a more mature take on magical themes

Supernatural School Settings: Shows Like Monster High

The high school setting is a key element of Monster High's charm, and many other shows similar to Monster High also use this backdrop to great effect. "Rosario + Vampire" is an anime series that follows a human boy who accidentally enrolls in a high school for monsters. While it's aimed at a slightly older audience, its premise and blend of humor and supernatural elements make it a great choice for mature Monster High fans.

"Little Witch Academia" offers a magical twist on the school setting. Set in a school for witches, the series follows an ordinary girl with big dreams as she learns magic alongside her classmates. Its whimsical tone and focus on friendship and personal growth align closely with Monster High's themes, making it a perfect watch shows like Monster High for animation enthusiasts.

"Escola de Monstros" (Monster School) is a Brazilian animated series that shares many similarities with Monster High. Set in a school for young monsters, the show follows a group of friends as they navigate typical teen issues alongside their monstrous challenges. Its colorful animation style and diverse cast of characters make it a great alternative for Monster High fans looking for something new.

For those who enjoy the more comedic aspects of Monster High, "School for Vampires" offers a lighthearted take on supernatural schooling. Following the misadventures of young vampires at a boarding school, the show blends classic vampire lore with typical school sitcom scenarios. Its quirky humor and charming characters make it a fun watch for Monster High enthusiasts.

Lastly, while not strictly set in a school, "Camp Cretaceous" from the Jurassic World franchise offers a similar blend of teen dynamics and monstrous encounters. Set in a dinosaur adventure camp, the show follows a group of teens as they try to survive when things go wrong. Its mix of friendship, adventure, and prehistoric creatures provides a unique spin on the Monster High formula that's sure to captivate viewers.


Discovering shows similar to Monster High opens up a world of spooky fun for tweens. From ghoulish characters to magical adventures, these TV shows offer a perfect blend of supernatural elements and relatable themes. Fans can explore diverse animated series that rival Monster High's creepy-cool vibe while emphasizing friendship, fashion, and self-expression.

Whether set in supernatural schools or magical realms, these tv shows like Monster High provide endless entertainment. By delving into these recommended series, viewers can watch shows like Monster High that capture the same spirit of adventure and camaraderie. Each show offers its unique twist on the monster genre, ensuring there's something for every fan of spooky-cute content.

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